99.9% Grade Investment Silver

ICO Overview

What is SilverToken?

Silvertoken (SLVT) is a digital currency backed by silver, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to purchase and transact with physical silver.

Each Silvertoken represents 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure investment grade silver bullion.

Silvertoken is in a Master Vaulting Agreement with Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP), a fully-integrated precious metals dealer and vaulting facility located in the Cayman Islands, to oversee the secure storage of the silver reserve for our community.

SWP is approved storage facility for precious metals held within self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for American citizens, and also the approved distributor of the Royal Mint of England, Perth Mint of Australia and several LBMA and COMEX approved refineries.

Thus, Silvertoken has combined the store of value characteristics of silver with usability of Ethereum to create SLVT. Silvertoken is a vehicle to store wealth and protect present value from future devaluation.

All SLVT tokens are fully redeemable for the silver they represent.

The Problem

Money like the dollar, euro and yuan we use today are all paper fiat currencies. Each currency is continually devalued and inflated, driving purchasing power directly towards zero. People holding these currencies need more and more to purchase the same goods as central banks print an endless amount of paper money.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer an alternative to fiat currency but lack tangible value and thus are significantly too volatile for mainstream adoption.

Throughout history, all fiat currencies have failed and their value has plummeted to zero. The 21st century has seen the currency inflate in Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina and many others.

The world needs a non-inflationary, stable and sustainable currency.

Our Mission

The current global economy is approaching a tipping point of debt.

Central bank policy and reckless banking institutions have flattened yield curves and devalued our currencies. This has created a fragile monetary situation and when it collapses, everyday people like us will be left to pay for these mistakes.

This time we, the people, will be prepared.

Silvertoken was created for everyday investors concerned about their money’s value, who want a stable currency backed by a stable asset. Silver protects your value while being a vehicle to store wealth.

The advancements in the blockchain technology have allowed for a simple, yet extremely effective, solution to simplify ownership of silver.

Our community of developers, advisors, and friends have worked tirelessly to prepare for this future.

Now, we are ready to share the safe haven of Silvertoken with you.

How Does It Work?

Silvertoken is a digital currency fully backed by securely vaulted silver bullion. All tokens may be redeemed for the silver bullion they represent. Sending a token incurs a 1% transaction fee paid in tokens (sending less than 3 Silvertokens is free).

The fee is used to cover vaulting costs and purchase more silver bullion to support the tokens already in circulation. The ratio of the number of tokens and ounces of silver, is called the Silvertoken Ratio. Initially, the ratio is 1:1 but as more transactions occur and more silver is added to support the tokens already in circulation.

With transaction fees tokens will represent more and more silver. Converting your currency into Silvertokens is easy and can happen two different ways.

Tokens may be purchased by converting your Ether into tokens on our website or an exchange. You can deliver silver, gold, platinum or palladium to the vault,, and receive an equivalent amount of tokens. No fees are charged for holding a token, a small fee only occurs only when sending a token.



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