Octobase Equity Partnership

Octobase presents, Octo Vault. The simplest, most forgiving blockchain Granny Wallet.

ICO Overview

Octobase is a South African blockchain product provider and consulting firm which focuses on the development of products that allow users to more effectively transact with and manage digital assets on various blockchains. Octobase Equity Partnership Tokens represent a shareholding in Octobase and will entitle the holder to voting rights and dividends. 10% of Octobase's shares will be offered while the remaining 90% will remain in the company until further funding rounds occur.

Octobase’s flagship product, Octo Vault, focuses on mistake-proofing the storage of Ether and ERC20 cryptocurrencies. Octo Vault will be paving the way for Octobase's later blockchain products and additional currencies, which users will be able to interface with through Octo Vault. Octo Vault is a unique on-chain smart wallet which includes enhanced security features that more closely resemble the security features found in conventional banking. The aim being, a wallet so simple, even your Granny can use it.


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South Africa


USA, China, Phillipines, Republic of Korea, BVI, AVI

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ICO Start

March 14, 2018


September 15, 2018