MCV Capital

The MCV token acts as a voucher for the future BCB4U coin. The BCB4U coin will be used for loyalty and internal banking currency. With a growing number of loyalty users and bank clients, the demand for this coin will increase.

ICO Overview

What is MCV Capital about

We (MCV-CAP, BETEILIGUNG AG, BCB4U-Bank and further group companies - in the following MCV-CAP) will combine traditional banking functionalities with the innovative advantages of the blockchain technology and tradable cryptocurrencies. Traditional banking functionalities are defined as standing- and collection-orders, transfers, credit and debit cards, salary accounts, cash in and out, and more.


Innovative benefits of Blockchain technology mean anonymity, free-of-charge service, instant payment function, and enhanced security features, among others. By uniting traditional banking capabilities with blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies will be made accessible for everything in daily life. That means purchases at the bakery, butcher’s, textile shop, online shop, or even payments for rent, utilities, and community taxes (garbage, sewerage, water dues) can be made using crypto- or fiat currencies. These services will be freely accessible regardless of the customer’s origin, asset status and other personal circumstances.


The value propostition

The loyalty/cashback program can increase the demand of the future BCB4U coin. By combining traditional banking capabilities with those of blockchain technologies, crypto currencies will be made accessible to the entire daily life.


The MCV token information

  • Total sypply: 1,000,000,000 MCV tokens
  • Sold to investors: 39.9%
  • Price: $0.39 = 1 MCV
  • Main reason for token's value increase over time: The loyalty/cashback program
  • Whitelist: No


MCV Milestones

1 MCV = 0.26 USD

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Pre-ICO Start

April 20, 2018

Pre-ICO End

June 20, 2018

ICO Start

June 20, 2018


August 20, 2018