LARE COIN is the first of its kind cryptocurrency that is fueling the future of education by decentralizing scholarships and student allowances on the Ethereum blockchain.

ICO Overview

What is LareCoin?

Larecoin is a Peer to Peer token used for sponsoring your education. Inclusive to it's own token and digital asset exchange, it's also a three layer technology designed for students, educational systems and business use cases. A first of its kind blockchain technology which is fueling the future of global education.


A token for students

Larecoin can be used to pay your tuition, student debts, purchase goods or services, even diversify your own crypto currency portfolio and trade on an exchange. The opportunities are endless!


Connecting Universities

Our search engine is an advanced AI for crawling real-time data, in-depth reporting and insights on accredited educational systems empowering deans of the future. LareVia provides invaluable predictive analytics and information to it's partners that drive results. Actively procuring and partnering with accredited educational systems globally to enhance education for all.


Increase Brand Awareness

Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, LareR has you covered. Establish your brand online with a custom domain name and online store. Dozens of neat themes, complete control over the look and feel and finally a gorgeous store of your own that reflects the personality of your business. Create, manage and organize your content. No design skills needed.

1 LARE = $0.56085

Buy with

Btc, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, Dash, Neo, ZEN






Pre-ICO Start

March 3, 2018

Pre-ICO End

June 3, 2018

ICO Start

June 3, 2018


January 4, 2019