Shipper Carrier Direct Optimizaton Platform

ICO Overview

What is LaneAxis about

LaneAxis is transforming the global logistics industry by building a Shipper-to-Carrier direct optimization blockchain network powered by smart contracts. This will drive massive, cost-saving efficiencies into the industry, and fuel the growth of a new business paradigm in freight logistics. Backed by US Patent #9,928,475

The value proposition

Shipper Carrier Direct Optimization Platform eliminating brokers with an open API for shippers and carriers to utilize pre-existing platforms

The AXIS Token 

  • 6% - Private Sale
  • 63% - Pre-Sale
  • 17% - Public Sale
  • 2.5% - Bounty
  • 5% - Employees, Founders, PR, Marketing
  • 5% - Reserve
  • 1.5% - Community Tokens

The “AXIS” token will serve as the gateway to LaneAxis’ immutable ledger, digitally bolted to the LaneAxis blockchain. The “AXIS” utility token will function as an API access key, as well as a means of transacting services, features, and rewards within the LaneAxis blockchain ecosystem.

Team members

Rick Burnett CEO

Rick’s extensive knowledge of mobile technology, blockchain technology, and deep experience in trucking and logistics makes him a natural fit to lead the LaneAxis team. Rick spent 15 years researching and developing a mobile-based platform that provides real-time tracking over freight movements.

‍Luke Patterson President

A data-driven entrepreneur and blockchain specialist, Luke's wealth of experience is replete with years as an information architect and mobile app developer. Working with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike, Luke's works have been featured in such publications as Wired, TechCrunch, Complex, and Business Insider.  

‍Jacob Patterson CTO

Jacob relies on his vast experience as a developer to ensure LaneAxis remains the leader in transportation technology innovation, including its evolution into the blockchain ecosystem. Jacob has held senior developer roles with Fortune 500 companies including U.S. Bancorp and media giant Comcast.

Mason Burnett VP of Blockchain Integrations

 Mason has immersed himself in the logistics and blockchain industries with years of listening to countless calls for the past decade. Being immersed in the growth of the smartphones since inception, Mason will steer the “Driver Social Community” buildout and growth to power the further growth of LaneAxis.


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ICO Start

January 3, 2018


January 1, 2019