Konios Project

World's most secure cash to crypto platform

ICO Overview

What is Konios about

Enable users to exchange cash to crypto currencies on a decentralized P2P bases. Including a marketplace to locally or worldwide buy/sell stuff in exchange for crypto.

Konios has its headquarter and administration in the canton of Zug, Switzerland. The role of managing director and contact person is exercised by the co-founder Patrik Krasnic. In close cooperation with the lawyers of BÜHLMANN KOENIG & PARTNER AG, all regulatory obligations are fulfilled. The supporting bank also has its registered office in Switzerland and is subject to Swiss banking law.

Konios token

The Konios Token serves as an access point for using the platform. In order to gain access to an exchange, such as for F2F transactions, the corresponding number of KON-Tokens must be added to the Konios platform. Without this, no service on the Konios platform can be used. The integration of the KON Token into the Konios Blockchain is explained in detail in the "Technical Whitepaper". The "Technical Whitepaper" will be published in the course of May 2018.

Token distribution

Funds allocation


Team members

Patrik Krasnic, Founder-CEO 

Mikel Krasniqi, Founder-CTO 

Patrick Dobler de Souza, CMO 

Vera Neidl, CFO 

Cihan Demir, Developer

Uwe Harro Hieninger, Logic & Audit 

David tackett, Developer 

Mike Russel, Developer 

Waldemar Nickel, Network specialist 

Kushtrim Gojani, Algorithm & Mathematics 

Jeremy Sun, Chinese Network 

Marko Zorko, Visualization 

Ivana Ljubica, Patent & Advertisment 

Emmanuel Chilaka, Konios Africa Ambassador 

Damilare Binutu, Blockchain/AI Developer 

0.01 USD = 1 KON Token

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USA, Canada, China

Pre-ICO Start

February 28, 2018

Pre-ICO End

June 29, 2018

ICO Start

June 30, 2018


September 30, 2018