Purchase a virtual space on a server by being the owner of the tokens joshua coin.

ICO Overview

What is JoshuaCoin?

JoshuaCoin gives you the possibility to purchase a disk storage on the first server in space. Benefits are countless: the more JoshuaCoin you purchase, the more disk space you will get. All buyers are kept up to date on the progress of the work during the stages of the project.Hurry up space and JoshuaCoin are limited : only 100,000,000 (JSHCN) token of joshuaCoin left!

The project

Release your data from every land restriction, send them to space! Space has no laws and no jurisdiction. Your data and your transactions will be safe in the world's first space bank. Equipped with all the latest security technologies, everyone can buy one or more storage units, to store and process all the data that would normally be subject to terrestrial jurisdictions in total autonomy.

The technology

The satellite will be equipped with Micro computers that will control accesses and data storage. The device will be equipped with 5 hdd ssd and 2TB each, making a total aggregate space of 10TB. Each system will be redundant to guarantee correct functionality and maximum performance. The xxx standard via satellite will ensure the broadcasts, with a bandwidth of xxx.

What to buy

Every person can purchase a real space called “lot”; the total storage capacity is divided into 10.000 lots (from 1 GB). Up to 49% of the total lots can be purchased for each single user.


The services we offer are the following:

- Storage (maximum capacity xxx)

- Sharefiles

How to access?

Storage: Access is possible via a normal FTP client

Web panel: For sharing data on the earth

How to pay?

Payment can be made exclusively in crypto currency through the purchase of Joshua Coin, token based on the Ethereum blockchain that provides the warranty. A lot is equal to 100.000 Joshua Coin.

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ICO Start

March 29, 2018


March 30, 2022