The Digital Green Revolution

ICO Overview

What is Vireo?

Vireo is a Human adventure which started in 2015 and which has continuously evolved to define the next generation green investment solution.

A bit of history

It’s a long process that brought the founders (Fred and Tony) and co-founders (Manu, Reno and Glen) together behind the whole concept of Vireo as the green digital revolution.

March 2016

After almost 2.5 years trying to connect local green projects developers to international financial institutions, Fred and Tony pointed out the need for specific financing solutions for green projects in emerging countries. At that stage it was clear that there was an urgent need to create new financing channels to finance the significant number of untapped privately owned green projects and to satisfy the increasing demand of impact investors.

October 2016

The first hybrid financing concept is developed based on standard fund structuration. Reno and Manu joined after having experienced similar problems in relation to the slow improvement of green development caused by the big disconnect between green development and climate mitigation policies and the realities on the ground for green project developers.

March 2017

The first concept is adapted to a blockchain based concept. The new concept is similar to a digitalized and decentralized Asset Management company. Thanks to the blockchain, all existing barriers set by financial institutions are broken.

April 2017

The concept is strenghten and the team enters into a partnership. The business plan and the concept are formalized. The first C# beta version of the valuation tool is working.

June 2017

Vireo is registered in Singapore with the objective of providing the next generation green financing solution. The power of blockchain and best financing standards are merged to give birth to the Seeds and the Crops. Vireo’s objective is set: to become a regulated and transparent digital Asset Management company, providing equal and secured investment opportunities to everyone.

Our business case


At Vireo, we believe that everyone should be empowered to play a key role in shaping a better tomorrow, turning challenges into fair opportunities for all.

Vireo aims to become the leading provider of impact-driven digital assets accessible to both traditional and digital impact investors.


Create a new investment channel for green projects around the world. Vireo core activities will focus first on a large range of small to mid-sized, privately owned green projects, with an initial focus in Renewable Energy (RE) and Water Treatment (WT) projects.

Vireo will complement the ongoing efforts from governments and international organizations that have led to the adoption of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement (PA) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Vireo will be the link between digital and traditional finance, and between local and global green development.

Vireo will implement a ground-breaking investment solution that can offer secure, profitable and transparent green investment opportunities to everyone. Our solution will bring a paradigm shift in the financing of green projects, particularly in the context of emerging countries.

Create an ecosystem where global green investors & local green project developers can thrive thanks to Vireo Products & ServicesVireo AM will issue regulated financial instruments indexed either on Seeds or Crops, to reach traditional green investors who cannot hold digital assets.


Vireo management team is composed by different but complementary backgrounds that accumulate over 60 years of experience in structured finance, project finance, project management, international development, green energy and climate policy advisory, in particular across Southeast Asian countries and China.

Vireo management team is supported by Advisors, Board Members and an Investment Committee with decades of experience in investment strategies, marketing and business development, green policies and project development, asset management, blockchain tokenization, project sourcing and carbon and sustainable development.

0.2 to 0.5 SGD per token (depending on the tranche)

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Pre-ICO Start

February 2, 2018

Pre-ICO End

March 9, 2018

ICO Start

March 10, 2018


May 8, 2018