United Crypto Mining Group

United Crypto Mining Group company provides a hosting service on its network farms for representatives of all countries of the world.

ICO Overview

What is United Crypto Mining Group?

Home mining requires constant attention. In addition, the miners are making a loud noise, which negatively affects the quality of life.

Cloud mining is extremely opaque: as a rule, its customers do not know the brand, model, serial number, energy consumption and performance of their equipment, breakdown of costs, pool names for mining and even the location of the mining farm.

Own farms require the army of specialists and the creation of a full-fledged business, which threatens with significant risks: any mistake can cost millions.

Third-party hosting is a viable alternative, but there is currently a serious shortage of these services: demand is much higher than supply.


  • Each United Crypto Mining Group token (UCMG) entitles the United Crypto Mining Group to use the capacities of its mining partners without paying a rent for 5 years to accommodate the equivalent of 0.5 watts of energy for your miner. Token holders can use these capacities to host their own miners or to lease to other users. In fact, this is access to professional mining, but with an unprecedented low entry threshold.
  • The number of tokens needed to accommodate one miner is determined by its energy consumption.


Non EA vital things that we hope to complete by the end of Q1 2018


These are things we MUST do before leavingearly access.

2/2 - 100% complete

  • Full launch of the platform with the ability to purchase tokens, mining equipment, sending of mining equipment to the farm and launch of mining.
  • Establish partnerships with five power suppliers to install mining equipment at 5MW + capacity.


Non EA vital things that we hope to complete by the end of Q1 2018

  • Installation of partnerships with suppliers of capacities for installation of mining equipment at 25MW + capacity.
  • Creating your own mining bitcoin pool.
  • Development of a mobile application for convenient management of its mining equipment.
  • Launching your own decentralized exchange platform.


Things we want to do, but haven't put any particular date on.. we just know that they'll happen when we leave Early Access.

  • To enter into partnership with suppliers of capacities for placing mining equipment in every technologically advanced country in the world.
  • Adhere to the ideology of a decentralized crypto community and make mining simple and accessible to every crypto enthusiast.
  • Development of its own mining bitcoin pool and achieving a level of 3% of the total capacity of the network.


Dr. Laurent Nguyen CSO
Lars-Goran Rickardsson - Technical Director
Mathias Johansson - Business Development
Petter Bjork - CFO & Co-founder
Petter Lundgren - CEO
Jonas Ahlstroem - Smart Contract Developer

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Pre-ICO Start

April 1, 2018

Pre-ICO End

April 14, 2018

ICO Start

April 15, 2018


May 27, 2018