ICO Overview

What is TecraCoin?

Technology improves the world and does it constantly. Our goal is to streamline this irreversible process and mark our role in transforming the civilization. As the Tecra team, we have created an Internet platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high end technologies protected by patents. By using a Blockchain-based distributed ledger, we can guarantee the transparency of the investments based on TecraCoin.

Our idea unites three groups of clients:


Investing in greatest ideas. Paraphrasing A. Clarke, the world of magic and technology, that is the world of scientists.


the world of business and capital, a place where investors learn patent- protected technology and commercialize its value in useful and prospective companies


the community of miners. Thanks to their work, their computing power and many hours of discussions about Blockchain, we can now develop Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision into the PoW model.


Graphene First

First things first. Our team's several months' analysis determined the choice of graphene as the first technology for commercialization. The advancement of laboratory tests allows us to believe that graphene and its applications will find the widest markets.

Tecra Ltd. in cooperation with INTiBS (Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research) has patented methods production of a wide range of graphene materials, such as graphene flakes, graphene oxide and threedimensional forms of graphene in the form of graphene foam.


New Source of White Light

Laser inducted white light of graphene foam.

European Union directives have withdrawn from the lighting market incandescent lamps, characterized by a visible broadband emission advantage to the human eye. The white color of currently used ener- gy-efficient LED sources and fluorescent lamps is created by mixing colors, which is reflected in a low color rendering index.

Our solution combines the advantages of these white light sources, as an energy-saving source of white light with a spectrum similar to sunlight. The team of experts is working on improving the active material and producing a MVP for a device.


Graphene High-Power Lighting

As the first scientific research shows, the graphene foam obtained by Tecra Science Team shows great potential in its application in high power lighting devices excited by microwave techniques. These devices are characterized by emission efficiency that allows them to be applied in street lighting or lighting large areas such as sports halls.

Tecra Ltd. is looking for an investor ready for cooperation and development of the invention, which is currently at the third level of technological readiness.

1 TCR = 1.25 USD

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Pre-ICO Start

September 30, 2018

Pre-ICO End

January 16, 2019

ICO Start

January 16, 2019


July 31, 2019