With the STRYKZ token, the parent company Stryking Entertainment is looking to tokenize fantasy sports starting with their existing platform

ICO Overview

What is STRYKZ ICO about

Football-Stars will expand into being a community driven platform, with the STRYKZ token serving as an incentive for users to generate large parts of the content. Not only will users be able to create and customize their own challenges, but also submit football news pieces, provide injury updates or even information on lower leagues. The number of STRYKZ rewarded for such content submissions will be based on how many views and engagement their content generates.


Though Football-Stars platform is not just an engaging online fantasy gaming experience; it can also be offered as a “Platform as a Service” that is adaptable to almost any language, market and sport. Stryking will license their platform to partners, preferably with large existing online user bases, allowing them to market a revenue generating Fantasy League to their existing customers. When licensing the platform the STRYKZ token will function as it does on Football-Stars and many of the core features will stay intact. Through this model Stryking aims to bring fantasy sports to all corners of the world.


STRYKZ value proposition

The value of the token will increase as the platform gains users. Stryking has strong established partnerships, an existing product, as well as an active user base in the free to play version of Football-Stars. By creating the first community driven fantasy football platform will lead to a higher variety of challenges. Current Fantasy Sports providers create almost all user challenges themselves, leading to a focus on the bigger clubs and matches, resulting in less significant games being neglected. This is want Stryking wants to change, giving more power to users and ultimately letting them decide the exact content of the platform.


The STYR token

  • Total supply: 1 112 500 000
  • 40% sold in public sale
  • Price per token = 0.0001 ETH
  • Soft cap $4M
  • Hard cap $20M
10000 STRY = 1 ETH

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United States, China (excluding Hong Kong & Taiwan)

Pre-ICO Start

Pre-ICO End

ICO Start

June 26, 2018


July 29, 2018