Global blockchain solution for coordination, administration and payments of healthcare

ICO Overview

What is Solve Care?

Solve.Care platform utilizes blockchain technology to reduce the enormous global clinical and IT system costs associated with our current healthcare system. This revolutionary platform, along with its vast components, is available to all parties involved and creates far-reaching and timeless benefits.


  • Make instant appointments with a doctor
  • Understand your insurance
  • 24/7 access to your medical records
  • Review and pay bills



  • Administer benefits
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Reward employees
  • Offer affordable benefit packages

Doctors & Hospitals

  • Handle appointments
  • Issue prescriptions
  • Coordinate with specialists
  • Access to accurate records

Administrators & Insurers

  • Connect all stakeholders
  • Personalize care treatment
  • Accurate and timely payments
  • Reduce cost of centralized systems

Care.Wallet in action

Solve.Care platform can improve health outcomes through effective care coordination while empowering the consumer to effectively manage their healthcare decisions.Solve.Care platform replaces duplicative systems and automates complex processes to reduce billions of dollars in annual costs. 

It represents an innovative new approach to fight fraud, waste and abuse and brings transparency and accountability to healthcare administration.In the video, you can see the functionalities of our platform. These are just some of the capabilities provided which will also depend on the demand of our customers.

Solve.Care timeline


Decentralized healthcare platform concept creation

1Q 2017

Solve.Care incorporatedSolve.Care acquired Ukrsoft

2Q 2017

Intensive team development

3Q 2017

Prototype creationStart of the Roadshow (Solve.Care representative are on the Blockchain Summit 2017 in Dublin and London)

4Q 2017

Successfully met the soft cap during the Private sale We successfully raised our soft cap of our private sale of $3M. Only team members, VC’s and clients were allowed to participate in the private sale.4Q 2017Solve.Care speakers are on CoinAgenda in Las Vegas, Toronto Blockchain Conference, Healthcare Unblocked in London, Blockchain Summit in Amsterdam, Open Innovation in Moscow, Fintechworld in Washington

4Q 2017

Release of Care.Wallet 1.0

1Q 2018

Solve.Care signed first commercial customer with more than 250 000 clients

1Q 2018

Pre-Sale opens on January, 15

1Q 2018

Token Sale launch on March, 31

2Q 2018

Expansion of platform 2.0, provider Care.Wallet and reward program, pre-authorization for medical services

4Q 2018

Expansion of platform 3.0, Patient – Provider direct scheduling and payments, community extensible Care.Protocol

2Q 2019

Insurance ID card with built-in plan benefits, provider payments via Care.Coin, community published Care.Cards


Pradeep Goel - CEO
Vadym Vorobiov - Chief Technology Officer
Dr. David Randall, Ph.D. - Senior Policy Advisor
Vlad Fedorenko - Backend Development Team Lead
Artem Grygoryev - Web Development Team Lead
Anton Vetrov - DevOps Team Lead
Mariya Ozadovskaya - Head of Marketing and Strategy
Irina Iakhno - Manager of Marketing

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Pre-ICO Start

January 14, 2018

Pre-ICO End

March 8, 2018

ICO Start

March 30, 2018


April 15, 2018