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SAMY- the first hybrid-decentralized platform to discover, create, perform, analyze and measure advertising campaigns.

ICO Overview

What is SAMY?

SAMY (Social-Media Ambassadors Marketing You) – the first hybrid-decentralized platform to discover, create, perform, analyze and measure advertising campaigns. We are decreasing the cost for all parties involved by using the Blockchain. This will also make it easier to integrate marketing initiatives between ambassadors and brands. We are able to create opportunities for everyone around the world allowing for influencers and brands to help target consumers across the globe. SAMY has already released its first piece of software, SAMY (beta) which is already being tested. 

It is built on top of the largest social media platforms in the world; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. SAMY helps ambassadors and brands save time and money by automatically launching new ads while analyzing which ads work and which ads don’t. Then applying this information to hundreds of new ads, daily. A process that usually takes brands hundreds of hours to do is done with SAMY in under 30 seconds. In turn, saving the brands hundreds of hours a day, by replacing their marketing team with a self-automated, piece of software, SAMY. 

This is just the first of many pieces of software & platforms that will be released by SAMY in the coming months. Updates are noted below, including the next release of SAMY which will connect companies with ambassadors who have expertise in their exact field & use SAMY. A clear win-win, as the company will be able to get more customers at a lower price because the ambassador is using SAMY & is a master of their niche, and the Ambassador will get paid equally without spending as much time, using SAMY.


 1.1 Advantages of SAMY Platform Advantages the SAMY Platform will provide to Brands and Ambassadors 

        ◊ Analytics provided by Google giving you REAL ROI 

        ◊ Transparent fees, lowest of any platform 

        ◊ Easy to Use platform with dedicated on-boarding team 

        ◊ Customizable services for any Brand or Service 

        ◊ Logistics Management for tracking products to ambassadors 

        ◊ Time Window constraints speed up the entire process from start to finish 

        ◊ Rating System to hold users accountable 

        ◊ World Wide transcendence opens doors in untapped markets 

1.2 Advantages of SMY Token Advantages the SMY Token will provide to Brands and Ambassadors 

        ◊ Echo Wallet is a 5 level security protocol wallet (Passphrase, Private Key, Pin, Wallet Parameters, & Multisig) designed from current banking security systems 

        ◊ Smart Contracts based on escrow type transactions

        ◊ Lower Cost transactions reduces operational fees and fees to users ◊ Blockchain allows us to accept payments from anywhere in the world 

        ◊ Personal Information is always kept private 

        ◊ Hybrid-Decentralization utilizes global abilities, reduced fees and smartcontracts while removing complications for users 

SAMYCampaigns is our free service where brands create opportunities for ambassadors to market the brands products to their audience. With our unique opportunity creation process, brands can target ambassadors who meet their specified criteria while also aligning with their brand message. Ambassadors then post the agreed upon content to their own profile, to reach their audience. 

SAMY measures each campaign with analytics from the ambassadors social media platform, as well as the Google Analytics from the brands website. Together, those metrics provide the most comprehensive feedback for both the brand and ambassador. One thing we want to focus on is getting the data into the hands of the ambassadors, so that they can create more engaging material. 

SAMY Services 

SAMYCAMPAIGNS SAMYCreations is our free service where brands create opportunities for ambassadors to upload content that would reach out to the brands audience. The content created is then purchased, owned and licensed by the brand. The brands can then upload to their social media platform, or use the content for any marketing purposes other than with SAMY. Brands use our unique opportunity creation process to target ambassadors who align with their brand. 

SAMY measures each creation posted with analytics from the brands own social media platform, as well as Google Analytics from the brands website. With these metrics, we are able to provide the brand with a more defined target audience and criteria to continue creating opportunities within the SAMY platform. 


 SAMYGeo is our paid service where brands create “instant” opportunities for ambas- sadors to market the brands products to their audience for an incentive or free product. The process looks something like; brands would create a geolocation with a specified radius around that location. When an ambassador entered the geolocation, they would receive an opportunity notification. 

Upon accepting the opportunity, ambassadors receive the incentive or free product and are required to publish an instant post to their social media platform. SAMY has coined this term, Instant-Incentive for Post or II4P. SAMY measures the same analytics for SAMYGeo as SAMYCreations and SAMYCamapigns to provide the brands and ambassadors feedback on their results. 


SAMYPR is our public relations service to brands. We gather specific information from the brand and tailor a marketing plan unique to that brand. We then use the SAMY services to implement the custom strategy while leveraging SAMY’s machine learning capabilities to optimize that strategy. The SAMY team has realized that although our platform is easy to use and straight forward, our team and SAMY is more knowledgeable and responsive to marketing changes. 

By using past SAMY Service data, SAMY is also able to automatically create the most engaging op- portunity for the brand, whether that’s a Creation, a Campaign or a Geo is left up to SAMY.

$ .10 = 1 SMY Exchange Rate - 1 ETH = 10,000 SMY

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March 1, 2018

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March 15, 2018

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March 15, 2018


April 13, 2018