A decentralized betting protocol on blockchain, on a path to disrupt the $60 billion betting industry.

ICO Overview

What is Proof of TOSS?

We are taking a stab at a 60-billion betting industry. Our blockchain-based protocol for betting, will set a new standard for the industry of betting. A peer-to-peer solution that is a fully functional and decentralised platform, good for any type of event. All wager exists in the form of smart-contracts, that protect players with their immutable rules.

Why does Proof of TOSS exist?

Token holders can choose a role they want to play in the platform, create wagers, bet within wagers created by others or resolve disputes and determine results as judges of the platform, and earn tokens form any role they chose. With our open source solution we provide professional betting operators with the infrastructure they need to implement blockchain technologies into their existing business models.

Using the TOSS protocol allows bookmakers decrease transaction costs, avoid chargebacks, provide better odds and earn more. We’ve been successfully operating a bookmaker company for years now, we know the industry inside and out. Blockchain is the perfect solution to heal all the betting industry pains, and we will be the first to do it.

Proof of TOSS token - TOSS

TOSS tokens are used in the platform for placing bets and unlocking extra services and platform functions.

In total around 1 billion tokens are expected to be generated during the ICO, distributed in the following way:


Dimitry Starostenkov, CEO

Azamat Akylov, Co-Founder

Eugene Pavlenko, CTO

Eugene Malahov, CMO

+ 9 others


10 000 TOSS = 1 ETH

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Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States

Pre-ICO Start

February 28, 2018

Pre-ICO End

April 11, 2018

ICO Start

April 11, 2018


June 12, 2018