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ICO Overview

What is Neurochain?

NeuroChain is a worldwide initiative born in Europe, whose headquarters are in Paris.

Why NeuroChain is the Future Blockchain

Current Blockchain limitations

  • Imbalance of Approvers Concentration
  • Slow and Unsustainable
  • Not Scalable

Our Solution

  • Innovative fair consensus (PII: Proof of Involvement and Integrity & Proof of Workflow)
  • Block interval in seconds
  • Machine Learning driven
  • Context sensitive

The new consensus assesses and ranks each stakeholder and transaction. Through machine learning, Bot behavior is decision enabled and context sensitive.

Real World Applications

NeuroChain's entire design is focused on intelligent business applications, architecture, communication protocol, machine learning algorithms and connectivity with other Blockchains, and also with other orphan (exogeneous) Bots that provide a fertile ecosystem for augmented business.

Fields of application:

  • Finance: Digital KYC with automated updates
  • Energy: Solar energy distribution, storage and peer to peer sales
  • Traceability: Non OGM food traceability and producer benefit sharing
  • Infrastructure Management: Objective driven contracts with benefit sharing
  • Regulated Professions: Accouting, Auditing, Law enforcement with AI based proposals
  • Transportation: Intelligent context supply chain management
  • Human Resources: Dynamic research based on PII consensus
  • Institutions: Official records and information sharing
  • Certified Data Repository: Safe information storage secured by distributed agents
  • Smart IoT: Connected ecosystem with multi-layer machine learning empowered nodes


The NeuroChain technology is a new augmented blockchain based on intelligent decision making mechanisms. It is composed of Bots and a set of rules represented by flexible and scalable protocols (Proof of Involvement and Integrity & Proof of Workflow). It runs on a network or media with an adaptive communication layer.


4 Key differentiators

Intelligent: Bots are intelligent agents acting independently on a specific node in a network. They work thanks to machine learning algorithms on top of a protocol and a network.

Consensus: The new consensus is based on the thermodynamics of the network. The consensus presents a very low latency and high level of correctness.

Flexible: Bots work in association, allowed by the Proof of Workflow consensus. This flexibility behavior will create an ecosystem of artificial collective intelligence.

Social: The pragmatic network aims at limiting the bandwidth usage of the intelligent applications running on top, while taking advantage of the whole environment. The orphan Bots and the standard Blockchain can easily cooperate and become social.

Token Metrics

The hardcap for the NeuroChain project is 30M€. This number is the estimated budget for the delivery of the first milestone: the NeuroChain Blockchain (V1). After this first delivery milestone, the project will be financed with a set of planned reserve releases which are aligned with the project delivery milestones. Investors can decide to exchange their tokens immediately, (private sales investors must respect their respective lock up periods), or hold them until the Business Applications developed by NeuroChain are deployed. They will then need to buy tokens.

The Circulating Supply (post ICO) - NCC 395,000,000

The Total Supply Ever (100% of NCC) - NCC 4,374,000,000

The Hardcap


Token Public Price (March 19th, 2018)

EUR 0.08

End of Whitelist: March 12th 2018 3:00:00 PM UTC

Start of Public Sale (Discount Sales): March 19th, 2018, 08:00:00 AM UTC

Start of Public Sale (Attractive Sales): March 26th, 2018, 08:00:00 AM UTC

Start of Public Sale (Haste Sales): April 9th, 2018, 08:00:00 AM UTC

ICO Structure

0.08 euro

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Pre-ICO Start

March 11, 2018

Pre-ICO End

April 18, 2018

ICO Start

March 18, 2018


April 15, 2015