BlockChain Based Credit Ecosystem

ICO Overview

What is MyCreditChain?

Credit is a Basic Right.

Blockchain based Credit Ecosystem, MyCreditChain

MCC platform will enable a new relationship among people, which will further develop new form of financial activities. It brings about a major innovation in credit information that a person’s credit data will become an asset for himself/herself. MCC plans to bring the ownership of credit data back to individuals so that they can have a full control over their own information, thus building a more equal society.

Credit information is Asset.

The Ownership is on the Individual. The Social Value of Personal Credit Information is immense. MCC ensures each person’s personal information to be his/her own Asset. Each person can sell his/her information and add value to it in MCC.

Credit Grows on Relationships

Banks say people with wealth and high income are more credible. However, in reality credibility works differently. MCC looks into relationships between people and their daily lives. Giving gifts in integral to the structure of MCC. It is these relationships that provide the true standard for credibility within the MCC platform.

Credit is Gold.

Relationships that people create in MCC is evaluated as their Credit information. People gain income by selling their credit information and from the Daily Air Drop program. The more you build trust within MCC, the more you income you acquire. Building trust is like mining Gold in MCC. Various algorithms using Deep Learning/Big Data. Technologies may be used to produce Value-Adding Marketing Information.

MyCreditChain Ecosystem

The MCC platform consists of blockchains consisting of Ethereum-based Smart Contracts. Data is encrypted and stored in IPFS, which is a distributed storage method and controlled by DAC (Data Access Control). The 3rd party participants can receive services through various APIs provided by MCC and consumers who have personal and credit information can receive services through MCC App to be provided at Application Layer.

10 000 MCC = 1 ETH

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China and Singapore

Pre-ICO Start

March 31, 2018

Pre-ICO End

April 6, 2018

ICO Start

April 11, 2018


April 30, 2018