Invest in the future of medicine online and help ensure the safety of the patient on and offline.

ICO Overview

What is Mediconnect?

Preventing patients ordering prescriptions with multiple online pharmacies.

Identifying counterfeit drugs and preventing their distribution into the Pharma chain.

Alerting patients instantly when a drug or medicine is recalled.

After seeing first-hand the potential impact that the oversupply of medication, via NHS and private routes, can have. In January 2018 two online pharmacy owners and a superintendent pharmacy, discussed what could be done to stop these patients buying across multiple on and offline pharmacies.

“How can it be possible that a patient ordering a prescription from my website can then go on to your website and be prescribed the same medication 10 minutes later”? why is data not shared / why is the medication not flagged on a record? This is a question Joe Soiza asked his superintendent pharmacist along with his partners Eddie Dandy and Jason Timms another online pharmacy owner when they met to discuss the growing problem of drug dependency and addiction.

Jason then approached the MHRA, who internally discussed his proposal to have a single shared database to identify potential over prescribing. Impressed with the solution, they pointed him towards the CQC and Public Health England who were conducting a review of prescription drug addiction at the time and still are.

Dissatisfied with slow responses, Joe, Jason & Eddie decided to invest in a solution to the problem and working with their independent teams they eventually collaborated and formed MediConnect. Stratis were approached for advice and as a potential platform to use however, Chris Trew the CEO of Stratis was so impressed with the solution and opportunity to prevent dependency and potential addiction of prescription drugs, he joined the MediConnect team as advisor and Stratis will now provide a bespoke blockchain solution.

Two Big Challenges within the Pharmaceutical Industry

The overuse of prescription medication

The overuse of prescription medication is increasing dramatically. This is because there are no control mechanisms in place to prevent patients purchasing prescribed medication from multiple sources, specifically in the private sector.

Currently, it is possible to be prescribed the same medicine from one or more online pharmacies as well as your regular NHS doctor.

Medication provenance and the pharmaceutical supply chain

Counterfeit drugs are increasingly available, and it can be difficult for the patient to establish provenance.

During the Casodex, Plavix and Zyprexa scandal of 2007, the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) seized 40,000 packs of fake medicine before they were distributed to pharmacies, but 25,000 packs reached pharmacies across the UK and were dispensed to patients. Following a recall, a further 7,000 packs were recovered.

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