A cryptocurrency backed by physical Gold. MagmaCoin co-funded by Dubai's largest private multi-billion dollar company.The first Blockchain-based universe for decentralized trading and Investing.

ICO Overview

What is MagmaCoin?

Recent crypto currency startups have succeeded in integrating physical gold into the block chain. Gold has always been a difficult asset to move. People would have to buy gold blocks and place them into a secure vault. The blockchain makes the process quicker and easier helping to protect your gold, reducing expenses, allowing the asset to be moved effortlessly across borders, all the while shielding your investment from theft and loss. 

Gold’s relative scarcity, its portability (you can carry small bars, coins or jewelry), and its great demand in industrial applications, make it a highly desired commodity. Cryptocurrency has adopted some of gold’s benefits with the creation of a bitcoin that is uncommon. Through the introduction of a digital coin that can be easily and effortlessly transmitted and by the creation of a distributed, decentralized blockchain that aids business. 

Cryptocurrency Magma Foundation i s working with gold a nd cryptocurrency. They also possess the marketing, programming, logical, technical, and operational skills needed t o accomplish this project. Gold helps you use your gold-backed investments a s credible collateral. You’ll b e able to trade gold quickly and easily and gain higher returns from your gold funds a s bullion prices rise.


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Pre-ICO Start

February 14, 2018

Pre-ICO End

March 14, 2018

ICO Start

March 15, 2018


May 1, 2018