Crypto-currency based content creation marketplace

ICO Overview

What is Indigo Community?

Platform connecting people seeking high quality content and professionals writing it. Anyone can request a content specifying bounty in return, split the cost with other interested users and receive quality article from community members specialising in certain topic. It's first content marketplace built around crypto-currency which provides complete anonymity for all participants keeping the advantages of community projects. Tokens are sold with 20% bonus during pre-ICO

Quality content

Order an article, economical investigation of upcoming ICO or any other topic requiring deep knowledge or quality time.


Publish the best articles behind the paywall and earn a fee each time somebody reads it.

Join existing projects

Take a part in the project created by other community member and get access to the content for reduced price.

Earn Money

Are you good in economy, programming, crypto investments or anything else? Make money from your knowledge.

Stay private

No need to reveal your identity or private information to join the IndigoCommunity. You just need your IndigoCoin wallet to get started.


Get and leave reviews so that the best talent doesn't get unspotted.

5862 Indigo = 1 ETH

Buy with

BTC, ETH, DASH, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ZCach, etc






Pre-ICO Start

February 28, 2018

Pre-ICO End

March 30, 2018

ICO Start

March 31, 2018


April 30, 2018