International Disability Assistance Chain

ICO Overview

What is IDAC?


International Disability Assistance Chain

Revolutionizing the current state of charity management for a better world!

International Disabled Assistance Chain

We aim to create the world's first cryptocurrency eco-system with a fully transparent and decentralised donating platform. Donations made on the platform will remain fully traceable to the donors, hugely reducing the risk of fraudulent activities and corruption in management.

The IDAC Eco - system

The IDAC eco – system comprises of the international disabled virtual community, technology developers for the disabled, government bodies as well as Non – profit organisations.

Conventional vs Revolutionary!

Conventional charity organisations are highly centralised and it is often impossible to get a full picture when it comes to the management of charitable funds. This can lead to undesirable results such as corruption in management, bad decision making, etc. With the emergence of blockchain technologies, we are confident that the conventional way of charity can be challenged and changed, for the better.


1 June 2018

Website & Whitepaper Online

1 November 2018

ERC 20 Token Sale
Private Sale
Main Sale

December 2018

ERC 20 Token On Exchange

January 2019

IDAC TestNet Online Integrate Wallet Released

February 2019

PoW Mining System Released PoW Mining System with a new mining algorithm, x16r[13]

April 2019

IDAC 1.0 Released Integrate Wallet Released

200 IDAC = 1 ETH

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Pre-ICO Start

November 19, 2018

Pre-ICO End

November 29, 2018

ICO Start

November 30, 2018


December 31, 2018