Ice Rock Mining

Commercial Bitcoin Mining. Passive Income. Creating a New Capital Market

ICO Overview

What is Ice Rock Mining?

Ice Rock Mining is here to bring bitcoin mining to the investment world. We believe bitcoin has a long and significant role in the new monetary system that is forming. Our goal is to raise capital and scale our mining business; we are currently in operation and already delivering returns to our investors. With Ice Rock, investors become our partners and share in the realization of profits, while assuring themselves a stable and passive income. Because of our efficiencies, we are able to operate on lower costs and thereby pass those savings on to our investors. 

Why to invest in Ice Rock Mining?

With today’s hashrates, our ROI to investors is over 200% per year, and could increase if the price of bitcoin appreciates. Bonuses: 21.03.2018-03.04.2018 +25% 04.04.2018-17.04.2018 +20% 18.04.2018-01.05.2018 +15% 02.05.2018-15.05.2018 +10% 16.05.2018-25.05.2018 +5% The beginning of mining - since July 2018. Payback period starting from 3 months. 100% income guarantee.

Ice Rock Mining Team

Malik Murzashev, CEO

Mikhail Pluzhnikov, Technical Director

Diaz Kurmanov, ICO Manager

+ 12 others

1 ROCK2 = 1 USD

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Legal - Northern Ireland, cave location - Kazakhstan



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ICO Start

March 20, 2018


May 25, 2018