HDX is a cryptocurrency exchange which has come up with groundbreaking solutions and offers never before seen or heard. We have prioritized profit distribution to a level which no other exchange has ever done.

ICO Overview

What is Hdxchange?

HDX is going to be one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Our aim is to provide maximum benefits to our customers by making our exchange flexible in terms of Cryptocurrency trading and also distributing the share of profits among holders. We offer buying and selling of Bitcoin on Peer to Peer basis through any payment mode. We are also offering 40% of exchange profit shares to our ICO investors. The most unique offering that we provide is referral commission as Bitcoin with instant withdrawal facility.

We are introducing HDX and very confident that its value will reach sky high in near future. We are very zealous to inform that our ICO is going to be launched soon. With some unique and innovative features of our exchange, we hope to reach more & more customers and expand our operations. 

Our motto is to eliminate the hassle of going through different agencies and exchanges by making HDX an all-encompassing platform for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We intend to make the trading easy for you by cutting down all the intermediaries and charge 0% commission fee. Now forget dealing with different exchanges and grab the opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary and ground-breaking gateway to the Market.

Why HDX?

Zero Percent Commission Fee

Another trend that are going to set is the 0% trading commission. Previously, traders had to pay cumbersome amount of trading commission on buying, selling of crypto coins on most of the exchanges. HDX has cut this commission fee to Zero and made the transactions burden-free for the customers. Now you don’t need to worry about additional amount on top of your purchasing and selling price and you can continue to trade in a hassle free environment provided by HDX.

Peer to Peer Transactions

One of the salient features is we are allowing both the buying and selling parties to quote the prices on our website and to buy & sell directly without any third party intervention. We have incorporated Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple into our platform, users can engage in buying and selling all these coins with Fiat currency through various modes of payment from any country online.

Exchange Revenue Sharing

Probably the most profitable deal that we are offering. We are going to share 40% of the future exchange revenues exclusively to the ICO investors on the basis of their HDX shares. This is solely done to boost the confidence of our ICO investors, we want to make sure that the investors who are contributing to HDX coin get benefitted in the future.

Instant Referral BTC Commission

This is the most innovative step taken by HDX in the history of ICO. Currently all the ICOs avail their own Crypto coin on being referred to another person. HDX has put an end to this ongoing system and providing Bitcoins since they are most widely used and accepted Cryptocurrency. We are offering Bitcoins instead of our own Crypto on referring us to another individual and also provide 8% of the total Bitcoins spent on purchase of HDX. Even if you're spending Ethereum, it can be converted into Bitcoin rate and you get the same amount as commission. And this referral commission can be withdrawn anytime.



We have acquired a team of experts who have experience in IT, analysis, design and development on all prevailing platforms. Technically explaining, we have covered all Java-based, Ruby-based web and enterprise applications. Our team has achieved fabulous results with their tremendous efforts. We will mention some key roles and qualifications of our team.

HAFLY CLEM - Chief Executive Officer

A technology enthusiast and Harvard alumnus, graduated in the year 2001, he worked in several organizations as head of IT department. He later started his own company providing IT solutions to big and small enterprises , spearheaded many projects which are currently known as successful ventures. He is a pioneer in developing many languages which have major utilization in industries today such as ReactJS and Ruby on Rails.

JACK RUX - Chief Technology Officer

Has experience of 15 years and she has been phenomenal in managing various lines of business simultaneously. Being an expert in Risk Management, she capably handled multiple responsibilities with incredible ease. Primary Responsibilities: Oversee daily operations for the business unit Coordinate the development of key performance goals and direct reports Business process analysis Business process improvements Risk management Project / program management SCRUM / Agile

STAIN MAXBlockchain Developer

A graduate from Cincinnati University who passed out in the year 1998, he worked with Google and Microsoft. He lead many projects and had always been curious to explore technology beyond its reach. He has been the originator of many games that you play in Xbox and played a pivotal role in developing the current payment systems such as Paypal and Western Union. He has been working to strengthen blockchain since its beginning.

STEFF JOHN - Software Developement Advisor

Having experience of 14 years, he successfully completed more than 35 projects for a number of organizations. He is an expert in ERPs, Database Integration and possess specialization in all dominant lines of work employed in Software Development such as: Transportation management software Warehouse management software Enterprise resource planning software Cross-platform integration Database integration Web & mobile application development Skilled in managing developers and project teams over 30 units.


With the experience of more than 7 years, she supervised a number of projects. An expert in SEO tactics, she served many industries such as automobile, healthcare and now blockchain.

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