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What is GENESIS?

GENESIS is an international real estate fund and multifunctional operating platform created on the basis of blockchain and digital technologies.All invested funds are used for buying of real estate that become the property of the platform and form its assets, creating the basis for the future development and increase of the market value of project.

The innovative solutions realized in GENESIS provide the harmonic combination of classic methods of investments in real estate with the possibilities of the most progressive and modern achievements of digital economy.The simplicity and convenience of investing, the exclusion of intermediaries, the elimination of borders and freedom of choice, stable guaranteed profit, the highest level of reliability and security of investments are the main features of GENESIS.

GENESIS platform

GENESIS platform is the united corporate structure that combines all the main features and legal aspects of classic company and technological decentralized projects created on the basis of blockchain technologies.

A clear and informative user interface with a system of private accounts will provide investors with all necessary information about the investment objects, interests and payments, transactions, the current market rate of assets and other information.

GENESIS will allow to invest in traditional investment tools, such as real estate, in a simple and convenient way. At the same time, it will give to investors the access to use the developing distributed economy of digital opportunities such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Investment strategy

The medium-term investment strategy of GENESIS guarantees a phased and economically reasonable development of the project for the three-year period of 2018–2020.

The strategy provides the main directions of the company's development, the forms and methods of reaching the declared medium-term goals. The plan of development of the project for the period after 2020 is included in long-term development strategy.

The medium-term development strategy of GENESIS is based on establishing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as the main financial, economic and market (marketing) indicators of the company's activity.

Market Share

This is an aggregate indicator that characterizes the value of project assets and the number of project participants who own GES tokens in comparison with the other projects with comparable parameters. The number of project participants is a more important indicator for determination and predicting the liquidity of GES tokens when they are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

This indicator also characterizes the company's development and its competitive advantages in the market. At the same time, it reflects to the credibility of project and demonstrates its prospects for development.


Financial Stability of the Project

The indicator of financial stability reflects the ratio of the project's own capital to borrowed capital. The lower the value of indicator, the more financially stable is the project.

For example, the financial stability indicator with a value of 0.5 is considered to be a very good in the rating of world's top banks.

This indicator shows the degree of financial stability and attractively of the project for investments. The safety of the project for investors in terms of guarantees the company's liabilities by real assets and finances.


ROE - Return on Equity

ROE is a coefficient which indicates for an investor the profitability of his/her investment activities, profit from the assets invested in the project. This indicator shows profit or loss from the investments in the project. This indicator demonstrates financial opportunities and planned income from participation in GENESIS.

This is a complex indicator which combines an investor's direct income from commercial usage of real estate (lease payments), income received from external special projects, and additional indirect income from the growth of the market value of real estate.

ROE indicator DOES NOT include the changes in the market price of GES token from the growth of current prices or increase the market value of the investor’s investment portfolio. An increase the market value of investment portfolio is an additional income of investor.

Fund raising of project

The concept and medium-term strategy of GENESIS provides a phase increase in the assets owned by the company.

An increase of project’s assets will be done by a phased and planned public token offerings from 2018 to 2020. During this period it is planned to place on the market about 250 million GES tokens. 50-60 million tokens in 2018, 50-60 million tokens in 2019, 120 – 130 million tokens in 2020.

Starting from the second pool of GES tokens in 2018, multiplying coefficients will be applied to the nominal token price during a sale.

After GES token will be included in the listings of cryptocurrency exchanges, all new GES token pools will be traded at the current market exchange price.

Based on the exchange price, the offering of 250 million tokens will allow us to buy by GENESIS by 2021 and to form a total real estate fund with a minimum asset value of approximately €500–750 million.


January 25, 2018

Start of pre-registration!

April 1 - May 15, 2018

Initial ITO of project

May 2018

Transferring tokens to the partners' personal accounts

May – June 2018

Evaluation, purchase and registration of real estate.

June 2018

Launch of online platform. Start of operating activities and launch of office

July 2018

Development of mobile application for investor's user accounts.

October 2018

First payment to investors. Launch of platform's internal exchange (GDEX)

IV quarter of 2018

Token pool offering. Bringing the value of company's assets up to €50–60 million. Launch of first special project.

2019 year

Listing of GES token on exchanges. Token pool offering. Bringing the value of company's assets up to €100–120 million.

2020 year

Token pool offering. Bringing the value of company's assets up to €250–300 million in the nominal GES token value.


Vitaly Shashkov - Executive Partner
Aleksander Bystrov - Executive Partner
Dmitry Navoznikov - Executive Partner / CEO
Waldemar Reimer - Business Development
Vladislav Avdonin - Developer
+ 7 others
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March 31, 2018


May 15, 2018