Scalable privacy for all blockchains

ICO Overview

Galaxis introduces a new blockchain protocol, built around a token that is natively integrated with the TOR network, allowing for optional anonymity. With a network built on the DPoS consensus algorithm, Galaxis and the XLS token will work in tandem to solve a major issue that is currently plaguing blockchain technology... How do we scale without sacrificing the core components of the public ledger?

Galaxis aims to be the first optionally private, infinitely scalable and decentralized platform in the blockchain space. Smart contracts were a major step forward, but are not privacy-based by their nature; 'secret contracts' are just a layered solution to be placed on top of existing chains, a short-term fix that will not make the cut for mass adoption since users are still required to  build on the existing foundation. 

Let's face it, blockchain platforms, as they are currently comprised, are fundamentally flawed. Up until now, cryptocurrencies have all either sacrificed security, decentralization or speed in order to specialize in one or two of the three pillars, all of which are essential for mass adoption to take place. These are the issues that Galaxis is aiming to tackle head-on.

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February 28, 2018


April 30, 2018