Ethereum Slot Machine

The first mobile game in the world which simulates slot machine for Ethereum network!

ICO Overview

What is Etherum Slot Machine?

The first mobile game in the world which simulates slot machine for Ethereum network!

Considering the significant number of fraud in the ICO and gambling spheres we have designed production version of the app for Android OS before coming to ICO.

Features & benefits

No competition

Due to the fact that there is no opportunity for user-friendly gambling with cryptocurrency on mobile devices, some kind of “gap” appears so we’re able to occupy it!

Working demo

The app demonstrates simple program product which functions in Ropsten testnet. Moreover we offer replenishing fund up to 20 coins to allow everyone to test the app even without Ropsten ETH

Stable revenue

Every token owner gets dividends distributed according to tokens number!

Weekly payouts

Once official release is held game contract will define payout sum corresponding to the current pay term. It’s conducted automatically every week!

Markets analysis

Why choosing slot machine? 

Actually it's very popular kind of gambling

As we can see there are minimum 10 millions users even if users of apps match. In fact, there are much more users i.e. there are 50 millions users at least, which spend real money in app purchase although there is no chance to win. However our app gives opportunity to win cryptocurrency!

For instance the last year revenue reached 4.72186 billion pound sterling in UK only! Furthermore statistics analysis finds namely online part is the main leader of entire industry. Besides, worldwide statistics of online gambling shows yield of $291 billion for the past year and growth into 2.2% annually.



  • Planning, design of architecture, smart contracts


The 1st quarter

  • MVP development for Android OS
  • Deploying and testing smart contracts

March – April

  • ICO

The 2nd – the 3rd quarter

  • Application design
  • IOS Application
  • Release of Android application
  • Setup network environment

July - August

  • Public release of applications
  • Marketing and promoution
  • EST tokens on the stock exchanges

The 4th quarter

  • New cool slots games
  • Introducing Jackpot

Meet Our Great Team

Our qualified specialists are our main advantage. We are team of like-minded developers who have been working together hand by hand for 10 years. All these years we’ve been developing mobile applications with the necessary infrastructure. Our apps are used by several millions people all over the world.

Andrey Rakhmatulin

He has been working for more then 20 years in IT and has been developing high loaded mobile apps for the past 10 years. He is strongly passionate by blockchain technology, its capabilities and other corresponding researches.

Evgeniy Gusev

He has been in IT for more than 20 years. He’s guru of developing for Android OS, knows the OS in details and can make the OS function even on a kettle. He has started to work with Android OS since 2009. He does love his work! And also is keen on family traveling.

Paul Crowley

He has been in IT for more than 15 years. He has started working with iOS since 2009 and now knows absolutely everything about it! He has developed over 15 excellent apps which are popular among millions of people. He is fond of punk rock music and is a lovely father.

1 EST = 0.001 ETH

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Pre-ICO Start

April 1, 2018

Pre-ICO End

April 8, 2018

ICO Start

April 8, 2018


May 28, 2018