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ICO Overview

What is Cryptoprofile?

CryptoProfile (CP) has initiated a transformative idea that will revolutionize cryptocurrency airdrops and prove highly beneficial for those holding CP tokens.

How Does This Work?

CP believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. All ICO Projects will be check and research thoroughly before we accept them as our client. We offer our clients 100% return of all profits through marketing and also a 6-month return on the original value of tokens invested through a smart contract (T&Cs apply). Moreover, token holders are guaranteed maximum value through airdrop marketing.

To further illustrate the mechanics of the ICO Ecosystem let’s take this example:

  1. ICO Projects onboarded by CryptoProfile will pay USD100k for marketing. CryptoProfile will return USD100k value of CP tokens.
  2. The CP tokens returned will be locked up in a smart contract for a period of six months and released when onboarded client are listed on an exchange.
  3. Onboarded client will have to give 10% of their ICO token to Cryptoprofile which then takes 100% from that token pool and airdrop to CP Holders to further stimulate interest and participation from this massive crypto community.
  1. All CP token holders will keep getting airdrops every time Cryptoprofile accepts ICO Projects for Marketing.
  2. CP Token Holders on ERC20 blockchain can also make bonus traceable investments with our clients.

1 CP = 0.10 USD

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Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, United States of America

Pre-ICO Start

December 31, 2018

Pre-ICO End

January 30, 2019

ICO Start

January 31, 2019


February 28, 2019