Blockchain based decentralized business platform.

ICO Overview

Coinnec is a blockchain powered anonymous decentralized platform with personalized token based on Ethereum's smart contract ecosystem for transactions with ERC20 standard. Coinnec is an innovative cryptocurrency powered solution for the business that allows service providers and clients to send and receive payments in a collaborative P2P network platform. The revolutionary Coinnec platform is powered by its namesake Coinnec tokens. These tokens, built around Ethereum smart contract technology is the primary medium of value exchange over the Coinnec business ecosystem. These tokens can be easily stored on the user’s preferred device using a personal desktop wallet, ERC20 compatible web-based wallets like MyEtherWallet or within the Coinnec platform itself.  Coinnec tokens make it easy for the users to purchase services and other content on the platform. Like any other popular cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ether and more), Coinnec tokens will be available for trading against other cryptocurrencies or fiat on some of the leading exchange platforms. Coinnec adopts a pretty straightforward process for providers and users to sell and buy services and other digital content easily. The provider, willing to rent his time for a specified service on Coinnec uploads the offer file on the platform. Once uploaded, the information will be published in a peer to peer network, which is visible to the users. A user, browsing through the platform, or searching for a particular services can easily discover relevant offers.  Once a decision is made, user will pay XX% for the service selection with Coinnec tokens to run the service providing process and XX% remainder fee once it’s complete to finalise the process. The transaction will be visible on the blockchain, thanks to its transparency. Following the confirmation of respective transaction on Ethereum blockchain, the provider will receive funds into his wallet. The provider will receive remainder 100% of the transaction minus a small fraction, payable to Ethereum network as gas to fuel the transaction.  Coinnec offers providers complete freedom to set the price and provide samples of their work to users. The sample work can be some demonstration images of the offered services. Coinnec will continue to introduce new ways of work monetization for the benefit of providers. At the same time, end users stand to benefit from fast transactions and lower prices as providers can afford to let go of the commissions and third-party fees which they would have otherwise incurred over conventional distribution channels like banks or other payment brokers.

1 COI = 0.001 ETH

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January 18, 2018


April 19, 2018