BR11 Token

The first Brazilian startups security token

ICO Overview

What is BR11?

The BR11 Token Fund is the first Brazilian based Security Token Offering. The fund is tokenized in a regulatory compliant manner in which tradable "digital securities" are issued through asset backed BR11 Security Tokens.

The BR11 Token Fund provides global investors with the opportunity to invest in 11 pre-selected high growth startups that are among the best performers in Brazil's under-valued entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Why invest in BR11?

  • Investing in the BR11 Security Token translates into an investment in a high growth rate portfolio of 11 Brazilian technology startups with significant revenue and market share.
  • 90% of the BR11 investment portfolio have overcome the initial startup establishment cycle and are already in the growth phase and some already expanding internationally.
  • From the moment of issuance, the BR11 security token will have full liquidity in at least one Security Token Exchange (to be announced).
  • The BR11 token value will be mostly based on its high-profile startup portfolio performance instead of the state of the cryptocurrency markets.

Buy BR11 Tokens

Send Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, US Dollar or Euro and receive BR11 Tokens.

Benefit from Ownership in a Diverse Group of Startups

BR11 holds up direct economic interests in 11 high growth Brazilian startups.

Propel Startup Growth

Proceeds from the fund will be distributed directly to the 11 companies.

Return On Investment

Trade tokens as the value of BR11 portfolio companies increase. Receive proceeds from liquidity events.

1 BR11 = 1 US$

Buy with



Ethereum ERC-20


Cayman Island


USA, China and Brazil

Pre-ICO Start

August 31, 2018

Pre-ICO End

September 29, 2018

ICO Start

September 30, 2018


October 31, 2018