BitNational Token

BNL will be a standard ERC 20 token running natively on the Ethereum blockchain. There will be a hard cap of 100M BNL created and this number will never increase.

ICO Overview

What is BitNational Token?

The BNL Token will allow for instant transactions on the BitNational Crypto Exchange Network, which includes an online exchange that can process nearly 1 million transactions per second. This ERC 20 token will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain and combined with CAD, BTC or ETH to form the base trading pairs of our platform. By using BNL trading pairs, traders transacting on our platform will enjoy a 50% discount on fees (as low as 0.1%).

Who is BitNational?

Founded in 2013, BitNational is a Canadian pioneer in establishing its own cryptocurrency ecosystem since installing its first ATM over 5 years ago. BitNational has organically grown its network across all of Western Canada and today has over 50 physical access points; including 3 over the counter branches.With the launch of the most advanced and easy to use online exchange in Aug 2018, BitNational is poised to become a Canadian leader in the Crypto Currency ecosystem by offering the most comprehensive, advanced, assessable, and easy to use crypto currency transaction network.

What is the value proposition

When using the BNL token with select BitNational products, users receive reduced fees when settling in or out of our ecosystem.



MATT HADDON President & Co-Founder
DREW GLOVER Head of decentralization & Co-founder
‍ ‍ZIAD SABBAGH Head of Operations
BENN PERRINHead of Marketing
TOMAS HAGEL Head of Customer Relations

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USA, China

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ICO Start

May 14, 2018


August 15, 2018