Bitcoin Silver (BTCS)

Bitcoin Silver combines the revolutionary power of cryptocurrency with the speed of the Ethereum network to extend it's accessibility and use value to the rest of the world.

ICO Overview

The use and accessibility of cryptocurrency in first-world countries are ever growing and fully functional but what about the rest of the world? Countries that do not have Internet/WiFi in every region, or nearby internet café’s on every corner? Bitcoin Silver presents a solution to this issue: An affordable cryptocurrency that runs on a fast blockchain network, with smart contract and smart wallet technology. Our end-goal is to ensure that every  individual literate or illiterate, in the world owns and has easy access to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Silver. 

Our mission doesn’t end with developing an incredible product. It continues with a robust roadmap to drive trade activities using Bitcoin Silver. Providing accessibility means providing the platform and technology. Our team is currently working with several organizations around the world in the financial, mobile technology, and money transfer industries to propel value in decentralized currency. To the team at Bitcoin Silver, providing a revolutionary product means providing the necessary tools to end users in other parts of the world for purchase and trade of cryptocurrency at their finger tips, and in their local currency. 

We’re just getting started. Thank you for your help in creating a smart world.

7500 BTCS = 1 ETH

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United States


Pre-ICO Start

October 16, 2017

Pre-ICO End

October 23, 2017

ICO Start

October 24, 2017


November 20, 2017