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What is Billion?

Wallet of the future

Clear and simple.
For everyone.

In Billion we worked hard to create unique user interface. We designed a truly secure and autonomus architecture of the application as well. It is the re-invention of the wallet, but now for cryptocurrencies - it is based on best practices of fiat-currency management and shows all the advantages of cryptocurrencies in a right way at the same time.

There is no record of an SPV wallet being hacked.

The app is absolutely autonomous and does not depend on distributing company.

Private keys are stored encrypted inside the hardware of your device and never leave it.

There are no risks of losing access to funds or leaking information about user activity as a result of hacker attacks on intermediate centralized servers with SPV architecture.

In case you lose the device you can always restore the access to your funds and information from blockchain with recovery words - these 12 words are generated when you start the app for the first time.

Open Source. All the codebase of Billion is publicly available.

The world's first messenger based on Payment Code ID

The app of the future should have a trusted mechanism of transmitting information between people. Billion Messenger allows users to discuss their financial issues in a secure space. Contacts, which are stored in the blockchain, can exchange information with each other with no registration required - top level privacy. You only need to share your BillionCard with Payment Code ID to start the chat.

6 666,6 BLLN = 1 ETH

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The USA and PRC's citizents are not allowed to invest

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ICO Start

October 25, 2018


February 28, 2019