The future of healthcare, an advanced & fully operational platform, secured by blockchain, supported by AI

ICO Overview

What is Aimedis?

Aimedis is an AI backed, blockchain and smart contract supported medical ecosystem, that changes the way patients, doctors, and hospitals communicate, connect and handle information.

Using the Aimedis platform, users can store, secure and share their medical information only with the people they want to share it with by using the Aimedis right management system.

Beside the records, AImedis offers videochat and communication with other patients and doctors, online prescriptions, online appointments, learning content, the inclusion of fitness trackers and devices like ECG or bloodpressure monitors into the system, while all transactions inside the system are backed by our porprietary AIMChain blockchain.

Let's not forget - Aimedis is a live working system that is already in use in major hospital groups in Germany.

The token

The AIM token is used in several ways.

First, AIM token holders will participate in the earnings Aimedis generates.Second the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research facilities can pay patients a fee for participating in trials by granting access to dedicated areas of their medical records, which is 100% voluntary.

In the next step Aimedis will release AIMSocial, the platform that incentivises patients for helping and engaging with other patients.

Fair and incentivised support by patients for patients - worldwide.

1 AIM = 0,12 USD

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Pre-ICO Start

December 3, 2018

Pre-ICO End

October 4, 2018

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November 4, 2018


June 7, 2018