The world’s first blockchain-enabled tabletop game console, where physical pieces come to life.

ICO Overview

What is 8Hours?

8Hours is a platform for everyone.  We capture the value that is created from meaningful social experiences and deliver that value directly to members of the ecosystem.

Game Developers

Game Developers use 8Hours to offer unique game mechanics, integrate physical toys, and mint their own in-game currencies.


Publishers use 8Hours to secure and track their IP, promote their games, build trust with the community, and further monetize their games.

Toy Manufacturers

Toy Manufacturers use 8Hours as a convenient way to collaborate with publishers, market their products, and guarantee authenticity.


Gamers use 8Hours to verify the authenticity of their collectibles, purchase content within marketplaces, and participate in community activities.

Our Mission

8Hours Foundation is established with the mission to create ways for people to connect and strengthen their social fabric through social interactions. We found that the best way to foster social bonds is simply by spending an average of 8 hours a week interacting with each other, and so we set out to the most meaningful experiences there are: social play.

We seek to create a culture where “game nights” amongst friends and families are facilitated by cutting edge technology. By creating a new environment that blends physical board games and digital possibilities, we propel social play into the 21st century.

3.0 - 2.1 EHrT = 1 VET

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Pre-ICO Start

April 3, 2019

Pre-ICO End

July 1, 2019

ICO Start

June 30, 2019


July 2, 2019