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ICO Overview

What is ICOHeadStart?

ICO HeadStart™ is the safest ICO fundraising platform in the world. Our experienced team of compliance experts award only carefully selected ICOs with a seal of approval after screening before these ICOs get listed on the ICO HeadStart™ platform adhering to give our community access to the best possible ICO proposals and the highest security standards in the ecosystem. In return for ETH and BTC the community receives MOAT along with voting points. 

Through voting the community decides which of these ICOs get funded. Elected projects receive their funds through Escrow 2.0 after the smart contract conditions have been met. ICO HeadStart's profits will be shared for 100%: 80% will be used to exchange back MOAT from the community and 20% will be used to give funded ICOs a head start. Decentralized, transparant, simple, honest.

How we choose the most promising ICOs?

Our compliance team of seasoned fintech and blockchain experts do all the project research and screen the best ICOs for you, picking only the top 3% of proposals submitted to the platform, inherently minimizing risks and maximizing your gains from participation. Our compliance officers ensure due diligence and adhere to strict codes of conduct which include managing each project in a good and responsible manner, controlling organisational and social risks and minimize legal risk in the crypto space where possible.Participate with confidence knowing only projects that have passed our rigorous screening procedure receive our Seal of Approval and are listed on the platform for the community to vote for. For every project that is listed on our platform, a Scorecard Analysis will be made available for our community thus ensuring full transparency.

Why Us

As a member of the ICOHeadStart community you will enjoy:

No more tedious ICO research!

We screen 100s but only pre-select the best top 3% of ICOs. You use the financial expertise, success and risk analysis of the ICO HeadStart™ compliance team, which regulates the pre-selection of ICOs;

We vet and certify the best projects for you.

With us, you don’t need to do any difficult financial research, worry about asset security or pay hefty membership fees to participate in ICOs confidently. We want the right projects to participate and commit ourselves to lead with presenting ICOs that conform to community regulated and evolving best practices via the blockchain community.

You’ll have an entire community to back you up.

As a community member with voting rights, you can use the Wisdom of the Crowd and choose which ICOs you would like to see successfully backed. The projects that receive sufficient votes to reach their soft cap, will be successfully funded!

0% Fees and NO Hidden Costs

Our platform allows you to participate freely. We charge no success fees for the platform, processing fees, no fees for mediators or taxes on funds raised.

All for One and One for All

We always share 100% of the profits across the community. 80% of profits we realize, will be used to further increase the value of our token. The remaining 20% of all profits will be used to give the newly listed ICOs a head start funding.

Your Assets are Safe and Secure, 24/7

Your agreements are transparently recorded in smart contracts on blockchain, guaranteeing 100% reliability and honesty. Fund are entrusted to the various projects step by step, through tight monitoring and via Timed-Release contracts, so that the creators adhere to the solid agreements


We offer our community access to the safest ICO proposals which have been carefully selected by experts from our Compliance Department, while adhering to give them the best possible ICO proposal and the highest security standards in the ecosystem. After thorough screening procedures, selected ICO proposals receive the ICO HeadStart™ Seal of Approval based on the Scorecard Analysis.


The ICO HeadStart™ ICOnomy is powered by MOAT – Mother of All Tokens. MOAT is an ETH-based token that follows the ‘ERC- 20 token standard’. MOAT plays a variety of utility roles within our platform and gives our members the highest level of risk management for their investments.


Our community is the vital part of our platform. Once the Compliance Department has finalized the screening process of the ICOs in question, the approval falls in the hands of our community members. The community, consisting of tons of people, is granted the decisive power via their voting rights to determine whether an ICO will be successfully funded. So, it basically creates the capital and the execution structure and it democratizes that access to everyone.

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