Creating Natural Value

ICO Overview

What is flowercoins?

Flowercoins will be charitably exchanged for real Natural Value labor or goods.

Public and Legally permissable planting of flowers for the bees benefit,the people and the animals to value naturally.

We will be implementing the blockchain technology to facilitate secure transactions for all.

The inital coin offering begins April 6th 2018 GMT 00:00 Midnight

From here we will be obtaining fund for development, investor confidence and aquisition will be our focus this year. 2018.

Charitable Community Commerce Exchange Platform concept.

Flower Coins have been reaching out worldwide to many experts for their feedback on the project, receiving large committment promises from big finance post development stages. You can buy seeds or services with Flowercoins, People get paid flowercoins to plant flowers in public. You can grow your own vegetabes and sell them for flowercoins, then buy someone elses produce with those same coins.

This project is not an investment vehicle for short term profit or price inflation schemes. This currency is for the Natural Renovation of non comercial community commerce.

Like a charity currency for the Natural Value of the commnity.

Where we can brighten the world up, one plant at a time. We have global connections setup with suppliers of Natural Value stock.. I.e seeds. Create Value from Natural Beauty by purchasing our currency and implementing a service to your comunity securely with no centrallized banks involved.

Initial Coin Offering Stage

Flower coins are a community based charity crypto-currency. Enabling sellers and buyers of tiny fractional markets to conduct exchanges of Value without cost to sell being a barrier. By one persons kind act of planting flowers in public, we create a Natural Value by exchanging Flowercoins for services to the public canvas.

Social Impact

We believe in planting flowers and plants to enrich depraved areas and bring collaboration on a global scale to local problems. The Natural Value Concept is the action of the individual , metaphorically planting seeds of growth using social improvement as its primary area of function.

Institutional Support

We must sow the seeds of faith. We will provide the infrastructure to create a decentralized transaction system for small scale community services. Servicing the public place, paid for by the public, carried out by the public. Supported by local businesses, encouraging involvement and connecting networks of good people.

46,666.66667 FLC = 1 ETH

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Pre-ICO Start

April 6, 2018

Pre-ICO End

April 5, 2019

ICO Start

November 4, 2019


April 7, 2020