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Fast and efficient delivery of games and payments globally utilizing the power of Blockchain!

ALAX Store

Welcome to the shiny, new ALAX App Store. After months of development, the public release is available for download now. Demonstrating the power of Blockchain with the magic of gaming, ALAX is already changing the landscape for smartphone users! Please use the link below and experience the future of mobile gaming today!



– Eliminate platform registration and annual fees

– High revenue share for developers

– Fast and secure payment methods

– Access to a library of exciting games


Are you a game developer?

The real advantage is that the ALAX Store has a developer interface allowing for seamless game distribution. This interface grants access to developer accounts where you can upload or update games, monitor game statistics, and access your revenue instantly.


ALAX Pay is the go to dedicated wallet app to store and transfer ALX and AIA tokens. Use the app to purchase and convert ALX to AIA tokens (with a limited 10% bonus when converting). One way conversion insures users are able to securely purchase games and in-app purchases.

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Use our SDK to allow in-app purchases and other payments with AIA and ALX tokens on your own projects.

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ALAX Merchant

The app for store keepers who retail ALAX tokens! The ALAX Merchant app allows customers to scan a merchant’s QR code to top up their account. After the app approves the transaction, a customer’s wallet is topped up with the value encoded in the QR code.
A simple an effective top up system for merchants to provide to their customers.