Deliverers Power Token

A Decentralized Delivery Platform, for Drivers, for the Community

ICO Overview

The Goal:

To make the parcel industry better for drivers and for the air we breathe.

The Solution:

Deliverers Power Token brings consumers, companies, deliverers and investors together in a single decentralized network, using blockchain technology, to disrupt the delivery market by cutting out the middleman to build a more efficient delivery network that saves money for shippers, earns more money for drivers, and helps reduce pollution all at the same time.

To start, our platform will be offered only in local markets, handling last-mile and intra-city deliveries (within a radius of 20 miles, for longer distance deliveries, the parcel will be dropped off to our long distance delivery partner). Our custom built platform allows businesses and individuals to book delivery in a few, simple steps. Much like Uber, drivers can accept the delivery request from the convenience of our driver app. And, just like in traditional deliveries, the driver delivers the parcel with their own car or one provided by the DPT platform.

For the booker:

Customers gets for each booking via DPT $ 5 cents. The booking goes direct to the deliverer. The drivers are getting paid (better than now) an immediately when the driver delivers the parcel. The driver can use there own vehicle or one of our electric vehicles. Therefore anyone can earn extra money whether you’re a professional driver, student of part-time driver without worrying about a zero emission vehicle as DPT will provide and finance these vehicles. 

For the Driver:

The delivery person is paid immediately per package if delivered. No longer wait for your money. Your value per parcel will be at least 30% greater because then now in our platform we will take out the middleman. For the community:

We want to help our community by making a better living wage for these drivers, but we also want to help our community by helping to take care of our environment. Last-mile deliveries are typically the most polluting. Thankfully the government is starting to realize this and regulate these vehicles. We want to be pro-active and ahead of the curve. Our goal is to have a 100% zero-emission fleet. 

For Investors:

For our investors DPT will get $ 15 cents for each parcel delivered with and additional $ 5 cent when it is an electric car from DPT for just the investment in this vehicle. This is a net revenue as the cost of operation are already subtracted. 

Migrate to Electric vehicles:

We want to offer you fully electric vehicles. Now in some world cities and in the future no fossil-fueled vehicles are allowed to enter the center of these cities. We will be helping you with your existing vehicles to convert them in an electric vehicle. 

Start your own delivery area and start earning money!:

DPT platform will provide the electric vehicle and the platform if you want to set-up your own delivery region and earn a good living.

Financing Electric Vehicles:

This crowdsale is to finance our projects, such as building the platform and financing (electric) vehicles for the drivers without an intermediary While you are paid immediately, we agree that you will only be paid for your work and no longer have to worry about paying a vehicle. 

Unique Menu:

Unlike the current system, where the driver gets only a small portion of the booking fee, DPT cuts out the middleman to give drivers better pay. Not only do they get paid better, but they also have opportunities to earn extra income through our unique menu of extra services. 

Insurance and Unions:

We offer the drivers a decent insurance offer, as in the case of an accident. Our community can enforce lower premiums. We want to involve trade unions to make a decent collective labor agreement for the shippers around the world. 

More delivery services with higher value:

We can offer a peer to peer delivery for luxury goods this way its safer for the customer and manufacturer to award us the business. DPT is a decentralized platform and will embrace the trend that manufacturers wants to sell there products more and more directly to the end-customers. Our platform can benefit of this trend.


We are issuing an ERC20 Token that will give holders following rights:

Right to vote on platform key decisionsRight to have a discount on platform fee when start a CrowdsaleRight to rate Crowdsales started on Deliverers Power ServicePossibility to promote Crowdsale on Deliverers Power Service social and media channels

We may always add rights for token holders, in that case we will communicate them on our official channels.

DPT Tokens will be exclusively created in one private sale and 3 rounds of Crowdsale and will be sent instantly to contributors wallet. Tokens will be transferable immediately after the Crowdsale end.


Q3 2018

Private Sale until August 23th 100% bonus.

Q4 2018

Crowdsale ends on 24 November. Bonuses varying from 25-50%.

Q1 2019

Develop a decentralized App and the first Beta version

Q1 2019

More and different type of crowdsales and Smart Contract creation released. landing page generator.

Q1 2019

Development D-App to get directly, Selecting partners for the platform the electric vehicles, insurance and large clients.

Q2 2019

Live tests with first delivery person with an electric car and a route of 20 miles after the driver has had a decent training.

Q3 2019

Developing legal contracts. Trade your vehicle in the D-App and option to finance the electric vehicles.

Q4 2019

Smart contract for basic collective labour agreement for deliverers and insurance.

Q1 2020

Adding more functionality and premiums to the platform.

1 ETH = 6000

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ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH & Fiat currency




The Netherlands


Pre-ICO Start

July 9, 2018

Pre-ICO End

August 22, 2018

ICO Start

August 23, 2018


November 24, 2018