A post-apocalyptic online survival game with a blockchain based economy and salvageable cryptocurrency

ICO Overview

What is Decimated about?


We are creating a game for hundreds of thousands of people to play in a persistent online world, using skill and intelligence to harvest resources, trade with other players, and survive in a hostile apocalyptic environment. DECIMATED is an online multiplayer sci-fi survival game which we are developing in Unreal Engine 4 and SpatialOS to achieve this massive scale, and meaningful persistence.


There are two factions of players: human citizens and cyborg cops, both of whom are played by real people. We are using blockchain technology to manage in-game trading, digital scarcity and ownership of virtual items, which will be stored in a digital wallet on the players’ smartphone. Our digital token is called ÐIO and can be earned or scavenged in-game, used to buy, sell or trade virtual items, upgrades and customizations.


DECIMATED will incentivize exploring and scavenging the environment, looting, missions and working for reward. Players can compete against each other, or cooperate to complete objectives and perform jobs in-game - as good citizens, or rogue citizens. All virtual items from clothing, weapons, construction equipment and technology will have value on the market, and can be traded with other players or in virtual shops.


What is the value proposition of Decimated?

Decimated value proposition consists of following key elements:

  • Ownership of virtual items in game
  • Player to player trading
  • Secure digital wallet to store tokens and player data


The Decimated token

The total circulating supply of our ERC20 token will be capped at 1,000,000,000 (one billion), which will be made available to contributors and early backers who meet KYC/AML requirements, at a rate of €0.03 in the pre-sale, €0.04 in the private sale and €0.05 in the public sale, with a minimum donation of €10,000 in the pre-sale. Smaller trades will be available in the public token sale.

Here’s roughly what buyers will receive in tokens, depending on the exchange rate on the day of purchase:

€ 0.05 = 1 ÐIO € 1 = 20 ÐIO The DIO tokens will be sent to token buyers' ERC20 wallet, but non-transferable, until the end of the ICO.

The token sale will be split over the course of time:

  • Private Sale Q3 2018 Aug 1st - Oct 31st 2018 150,000,000 €0.03
  • Private sale Q4 2018 Nov 1st - Jan 31st 2019 150,000,000 €0.04
  • Public Sale Q1 2019 Feb 1st 2019 onwards 300,000,000 €0.05

Token buyers will need to have a valid ERC20 compatible wallet that is not on an exchange to receive their tokens in exchange for their donation. Valid digital wallets include and During the pre-sale we will perform manual KYC/AML checks, and during the private sale we will automate this with the platform. YOTI verification can be completed in just a few minutes, by taking a photo of yourself with your phone, verifying your phone number, recording a short video that uses face recognition to match your face with your photo, and finally, your official ID document.



Decimated Roadmap


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USA, China

Pre-ICO Start

July 31, 2018

Pre-ICO End

October 30, 2018

ICO Start

January 31, 2019


July 31, 2019