Crypto N' Kafe

Crypto N’ kafe, a Mauritius based organization has recently brought forth a fascinating concept to handle all the core issues in order to introduce a modern way to sell or buy African coffee.

ICO Overview

Crypto N’ Kafe World: A New Epoch of African Coffee The speed with which the coffee market has grown not only in one country, but all around the world within last few years is tremendous. However, despite this, there are numerous challenges in front of the coffee market while organizing and distributing the coffee beans specifically, in Africa. Major Challenges in Distribution of African Coffee These challenges include the low income for the small-scale farmers, the negative effect of poor financial support, lack of government support and transparent transaction within the supply chain, and price volatility.

If we analyze the statistics, then we realize that most of the African farmers are poor. Moreover, the small-scale farmer has no credits, and the coffee trades are non-transparent. All these problems cannot be neglected for a long term. As a result, Crypto N’ Kafe has come up with an amazing idea and they have developed an ecosystem with the ability to handle all these key issues. What Exactly this Ecosystem Is? This is a decentralized consumer ecosystem based on the smart contract technology, which is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

With the help of this, small-scale farmers can increase their income in a huge way, and the coffee world could become more transparent with an efficient supply chain. Crypto N’ Kafe system connects the coffee farmers as well as consumers directly and overcomes the retailer domination. It provides multiple smart contracts in order to facilitate the operations.

Not only this, there are more benefits of deploying this system such as the introduction of a fair trade with no hidden or markup in the transaction of coffee, usage without any kind of central authority like company, bank, or government, smooth flow of the coffee supply chain in Africa, decrease in the inflation rate that enables economic conditions, etc. How it can Help Farmers, Traders, Roasters, Retailers, & Consumer FARMERS

• Get the best knowledge of the coffee trading.
• They can attain the financial freedom.
• No need for an intermediary or any third party.
• Even the small-scale farmers can earn more. TRADERS
• It can help them to access more suitable payment approaches.
• They can export at lower cost with a fast speed all across the globe.
• No need to indulge in complicated banking procedures. ROASTERS
• They can make the deal with the farmers and traders directly.
• Provide simple payment procedure at a low fee. RETAILERS
• They can use the advanced tools for their retailing systems.
• Provide a simple access to the end-customer with the mobile wallet, P2P exchange, and debit card. CONSUMER
• They can get high-quality coffee at a cheap price than in the stores.
• Coffee can bough online effortlessly without any difficulty.
• Moreover, they can access the suppliers of their choice with no limits.

There is no doubt that challenges may increase in future with the on-going growing rate of coffee market. Therefore, a system is needed to cope with all the issues. Crypto N’ Kafe has taken the first step with the invention of this ecosystem. It would surely take the coffee industry to the next level.

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Pre-ICO Start

January 18, 2018

Pre-ICO End

January 28, 2018

ICO Start

February 3, 2018


March 25, 2018