Bitcademy Football

Football Academies powered by the blockchain. Enabling and empowering youth around the world.

ICO Overview

What is Bitcademy Football about?

Bitcademy is multidimensional. We combine brick and mortar foundation and virtual world. We are football academies helping and empowering young players to achieve their dreams. We create and use new technologies, artificial intelligence and player predictions to make sure we have the best talent. Finally, we use marketplace powered by the blockchain to ensure fans participate in the game and create their future stars.

What is the value proposition?

We decentralize the football market. We allow direct connection between football fans and young prospects. We have AI and prediction mechanisms to support talent.

The token

Token public sales is 50% of all token distribution. 

Token price is 0.038 USD. 

The value is created by company revenue streams. 

Token bonuses during ICO: 

Bonus Pre-ICO 60% on all tokens 150.000.000 total tokens 

Bonus ICO - nr of tokens for sales 

30% - 38.461.538

25% - 40.000.000

20% - 41.666.667

15% - 43.478.261

10% - 45.454.545

5% - 47.619.048

0% - 50.000.000


Team members

Tomasz Krzystek

Firas Ayub

Adnan Manzoor

Paul Loiacono

Michal Antoniszyn

Salman Shaukat

James Darley

Kamil Kukulka

Konrad Cichosz

Kamil Grajda


Adrian Mierzejewski

Michal Paraschidis

Wojciech Motylski

Marcin Husarz

Marek Dragosz

Marta Szmidt-Husarz

0.038 USD

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Poland, Malta


China, USA

Pre-ICO Start

November 30, 2018

Pre-ICO End

December 30, 2018

ICO Start

January 31, 2019


February 28, 2019